Tatiana Christie

Tatiana grew up on a quiet little island in The Bahamas, where her childhood days were spent climbing trees, building sandcastles, and telling stories to imaginary animals. As the youngest of five siblings, she found that imaginary friends had better listening ears! Eventually, her stories met pencil and paper, and although she stopped sharing them as often, she never stopped writing. 
Tatiana writes stories about new friendships, courage, kindness, and overcoming challenges. Having lived abroad for many years in Canada, Brazil, and Panama, she developed an appreciation for the importance of inclusion, diversity, and acceptance.

She also doodles! She can be spotted drawing cute, funny, and sometimes odd characters on any corners of scrap paper, napkins, or whatever is laying around. You can find her quirky drawings on her Instagram.
Tatiana currently lives in The Bahamas with her family and works out of her home studio that is filled with oodles of delightful picture books she collects.